Building Engineer Training Institute

What We Do

Founded in 2023 in Columbus, OH, BETI is an Engineering Services and Technical School company created to address the engineering industry's struggle to hire, train, and retain skilled engineers in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) sector.

Drawing inspiration from our founder's experiences and the transformative power of exceptional mentorship, BETI strives to bridge the gap between aspiring engineers and the companies that need them most.

We challenge the status quo of engineering education by providing project-based, cost-effective training that equips students with the skills they need to excel in the workplace. As an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, our programs teach technical skills while guiding students to design construction documents in the industry leading software, Revit, and AutoCAD.

Our startup nature is our strength. We're agile, which means we tailor-make programs to meet our client's exact needs. Whether you are a recent college grad looking for specialized training to land your first engineering job, or if you are the manager of an engineering department looking to upskill your junior staff, BETI is here to help.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to attract and empower the engineers that drive the future of building design by providing the most effective way to develop new talent.

Our Vision is a construction industry that fosters high skilled and fulfilling careers through industry-focused, project-based learning, making traditional degrees a choice rather than a requirement.

Founder's Story and Expertise

The inspiration for BETI came from my personal experience and frustration as an electrical engineer. After graduating from The Ohio State University, I worked in the MEP industry at various companies, ranging from small 10-person teams to global design firms with over 40,000 employees. I quickly discovered a common challenge faced by all these companies: hiring, training, and retaining skilled engineers.

Starting my first job as an electrical designer in Columbus, OH, I felt unprepared and overwhelmed. Despite my prestigious college education, I lacked the practical skills needed for my new role. I spent my first year doing menial tasks since my colleagues were too busy to train me. Research shows that only 10% of employers believe college graduates are prepared for the workplace – a statistic I wanted to change for the MEP industry.

By the age of 26, I was managing $90M projects and leading a team of junior engineers. This success wasn't due to innate talent, exceptional work ethic, or my college degree; instead, it was the result of exceptional mentorship from industry veterans who invested time in understanding my needs and helping me grow my skills.

Throughout my journey, I realized that many engineers weren't as fortunate as I was to receive dedicated mentoring. They were often assigned repetitive tasks and not taught skills deemed "unnecessary." As a team leader, I made it my mission to ensure no engineer felt unprepared or neglected.

After obtaining my professional license in Ohio and gaining more industry experience, I founded BETI to support the engineering services industry by developing talent. My professional expertise spans various sectors, including K-12 schools, higher education, commercial mixed-use, and lab projects. Other market sectors I have led projects in include municipal, industrial, solar, EV charging, semiconductor, and retail tenant improvements.

- Sam Miller, PE

Services and Value Proposition

Engineering Talent Development

Personalized training in electrical design for junior engineers working at MEP firms.

Electrical Engineering Foundations

Comprehensive, hands-on training designed to give people with no prior MEP experience the skills needed be succesful in our industry.

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering Training

Coming Soon: Personalized training in mechanical and plumbing design for junior engineers working at MEP firms.

Value Proposition

BETI offers personalized MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Engineering Mentorship and Training Services, as well as an MEP Industry Foundation Program, designed to accelerate skill development, enhance design quality, and improve project delivery for engineering firms. Our customized and hands-on training approach, led by experienced, licensed professional engineers, equips junior engineers and aspiring professionals with practical industry knowledge and real-world experience, setting them apart from their peers. With our competitive pricing, money-back guarantee, and unique advantages over traditional in-house training and eLearning platforms, BETI is committed to fostering engineering talent and driving business success in the MEP industry.

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Empowering the Future of MEP Engineering Through Project-Based Learning and Exceptional Mentorship.