Electrical Engineering Bootcamp

For Individuals Looking to Land Their First Engineering Job

Welcome to BETI's Electrical Engineering Bootcamp, where real-world application meets innovative learning. This program isn't your traditional eLearning course. Our Bootcamp is crafted for people with no prior engineering background, empowering you with the essential skills to score a rewarding job at a design firm. No college degree required.

This program consists of weekly live classes, one-on-ones, office hours, and self paced assignments. All Bootcamps are led by a licensed Professional Engineer with years of industry experience. Students are provided with Autodesk software licenses to use for the duration of the course and recieve an Autodesk Certificate of Completion upon succesfully meeting the course requirements.

Our dynamic curriculum mirrors the practical demands of engineering design in building construction. Engage with actual projects, explore modern solutions, and learn skills that translate directly into professional success. This is learning made relevant - no outdated theories or irrelevant concepts, just the tools you need to excel in the field, today and tomorrow.

EE Bootcamp - Curriculum

  • Power Plans
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Panel Schedules
  • Load Calculations
  • Mechanical Coordination
  • Conductor Sizing
  • Lighting Plans
  • Lighting Fixture Schedule
  • Lighting Controls
  • Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
  • Revit Fundamentals
  • Revit Circuitry
  • Project Cycle ( SD, DD, CD )
  • Soft Skills
  • Professional Organization Tools
  • Resume Review
  • Job Search Support

EE Bootcamp - Join the Waitlist!

Our very first EE Bootcamp wrapped up in November 2023 and was a huge success. Click here to learn more about the accomplishments of our first students. Our second bootcamp started in February of 2024. We are now accepting applications for the April cohort.

While I'd love to say we could accommodate everyone, we could only make space for about 20% of applicants to our first bootcamp. Why? So that our instructor can ensure every student gets the focused attention and mentorship they need to gain the technical skills and confidence that allow them to thrive as an MEP engineer.

Take the next step in accelerating your engineering career by clicking the link above to register for the next Electrical Engineering Bootcamp.

Electrical Engineering Mentorship

For Engineering Firms Looking to Upskill Junior Staff

Welcome to a powerful talent development opportunity. We offer a robust Electrical Engineering Mentorship Program that takes your junior engineers to the next level in their MEP career.

This mentorship program caters specifically to MEP firms seeking to accelerate the development of their junior engineers. Our personalized approach allows you to temporarily add a senior engineer to your staff to develop your junior talent. Assign actual project work to your junior engineers and our licensed PEs will walk them through the process, allowing your senior engineers to immediately get back billable time.

We've structured our program to be highly interactive and hands-on, ensuring that mentees have ample opportunity to learn by doing, ask questions, and get personalized feedback. Over the course of the program, your engineers will evolve from junior team members to independent contributors capable of handling complex MEP tasks with confidence.

Invest in Your Talent: Our mentorship services come with a 100% money-back guarantee. To ensure our training follows the design standards of your firm, we begin all mentorships by providing a FREE QAQC/Peer Review on a set of your firm's electrical construction documents. We are committed to accelerating the progress of your junior engineers and maximizing their value to your firm. Together, let's build the future leaders of our industry.

For Ohio Based Firms: Have you heard of TechCred? You may be eligible to get reimbursed for upskilling your junior staff through this grant program in Ohio that is designed to build a stronger tech workforce. To learn more click HERE

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering Services

Currently, we are only offering electrical engineering mentorships and foundation programs. Mechanical and plumbing programs are planned for the future, but please reach out and we may be able to accomodate private client trainings for these disciplines.

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