From Classroom to Career: BETI's First Electrical Engineering Bootcamp

Exciting times at Building Engineer Training Institute (BETI)! We’re buzzing with the successful wrap-up of our very first Electrical Engineering Bootcamp. In an intensive 3-week course, led by a seasoned professional engineer, our students built their foundation in electrical design using Revit, an essential tool in building engineering. The achievements of our cohort have surpassed our expectations, and we're eager to share the success of our students with you.

A Spark of Interest

Remember our Reddit post back in July for "FREE Electrical Engineer Mentorships"? The response blew us away! With overwhelming interest in subreddits like r/ElectricalEngineering and r/MEPEngineering, we knew we'd struck a chord. This was the beginning of something special.

Selecting Our Trailblazers

From over 29 passionate applicants, we handpicked a diverse group of 6 – yes, only 6 – ensuring each one got the personalized mentorship they deserved. Representing 4 countries and a spectrum of backgrounds, from fresh-faced high school grads to junior engineers in the first few months of their career, our cohort was a melting pot of ambition and talent.

Three Weeks of Intensive Learning

We designed a 1600 square foot coffee shop in Revit, blending electrical design principles with hands-on practice. Students were responsible for developing the electrical single line diagram, power plans, lighting plans, and panel schedules while following Revit best practices. Every week was packed with materials, collaborative sessions, and mentorship – all tailored to real-world applications. Our students put in an average of 10 hours a week, balancing live classes and self-paced exploration.

The Results?

  • 100% Completion

Every single student crossed the finish line, earning their Autodesk Certificate – an industry recognized credential that showcases not only their knowledge of fundamental skills, but also their initiative to learn.

  • Positive Student Feedback

With 67% "Extremely Likely" and 33% "Very Likely" to recommend BETI, the feedback was unanimously stellar.

  • Career Launch

It wasn't just about certificates; it was about careers. One of our stars landed a job offer in MEP, and was able to present their BETI project experience during interviews with several top design firms!

Student Voices

Our graduates said it best.

"Your mentorship has been invaluable and BETI has really been the catalyst for opportunities presented to me."

- Zahir H

"I absolutely recommend BETI for anyone looking to learn more about MEP and Revit. Sam is very knowledgeable and more importantly is always willing to share his time and knowledge to help you understand. I’m thankful for my time spent with the BETI program as I left more set up for my future in MEP."

- James R

"I would really recommend this to anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with Revit"

- Matthew C

...and we had some fun along the way.

"A lot of these types of industry education tend to have that monotone academic YouTube video with 200 views type of tone but this does not which I personally really appreciated"

- Max J

Looking Ahead

Inspired by our first cohort's success, we're already gearing up for the next bootcamp. If you're ready to transform your understanding of electrical engineering and make your mark in the MEP industry, BETI is where you need to be.

Ready to Power Up Your Career?

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